Classical Indian Concert with
Arjun Verma & Narén Budhakar

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Classical Indian Concert

The Concert is cancelled due to corona virus. (covid 19) We hope to arrange the concerts autumn 2020.

At the concert you can experience authentic Indian music, when Arjun Verma (sitar), Narén Budhakar (tabla) and Wini Hald (tambura) play the Indian music’s distinctive melodies and tone systems (ragas) at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School

Tickets pr. concert:     200 kr.

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About the musicians

Arjun Verma is the son of Roop Verma, whose sitar concerts and workshops many of our students have experienced here at the school. Already at the age of five Arjun began learning sitar by his father and as a teenager he studied directly with world-famous sitarist Ali Akbar Khan for eight years. Arjun continues in the best possible way the tradition – both as a concert musician and as a teacher. He teaches at Ali Akbar College of Music, the California Jazz Conservatory and is also the head of the sitar line at the East-West School of Music. He works from the same understanding of North Indian Classical Music as his two masters: the music is not entertainment, but a path to personal development – a means of connecting with the deepest experience of being human. The sound vibrations touch our inner being.

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This concept of music creates a unique opportunity for immersion and Arjun Verma provides this quality regardless of whether he plays for a small dedicated group or a large audience, as when he played for the United Nations in Geneva for the 50th anniversary. Or when he brings the sitar into Western music forms such as opera and jazz or collaborates with Bob Weir from Grateful Dead. Among the many artists he works with are Krishna Das and Alam Khan.

Narén Budhakar is internationally renowned for his virtuoso way of playing tabla , which we have previously enjoyed at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. He started his training as a young man under the tabla-master Ustad Shabbir Nisar and today plays with a wide range of well-known musicians among others Bobby McFerrin and Alicia Keys. Narén is also part of the management at the East-West School of Music

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