Free introductions in Copenhagen

Free introductions in Copenhagen

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Friday 17th September 17:00 - 19:00

The introduction includes yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

Our teaching comes from the rich Tantric Tradition, which is one of the oldest in the world. It teaches one to experience, and is a treasure trove of methods and techniques that can be used to release tensions in body and mind. This leads to greater clarity, creativity and energy in your daily life.

The introduction will be sequenced, beginning with physical poses – Asana. It may include a dynamic series of postures in the form of Sun, I Greet You ( Sun Salutation), Core strengthening poses such as The Boat, Muscle lengthening poses like the Back Stretch or Joint flexibility movement such as Stretching and Rotating Feet and Hands. All these will lead to release of tensions.

Breathing Exercises – Pranayama follows. These practises work with the breath and affect your energy – Prana. The Blacksmith Bellows – Bhastrika is a dynamic exercise that cleanses the airwaves, Alternate Nostril Breath – Nadi Shodan balances the two hemispheres of the brain leading to greater clarity and creativity.

Deep Relaxation – Yoga Nidra comes after breathing exercises. This is a guided relaxation, where you will lie on your back and listen to the teacher as they guide you through different parts of your being, releasing tensions along the way.

Meditation ends the class. We teach different types of meditation. The Source of Energy is a meditation using a special breath called Ujjayi, and works with the energy flow and certain energy centres – Chakras. Returning and Inner Silence are two meditations that guide you to greater awareness of your Self.

Introductions are only a taste of what we teach on our courses. So once you try out our classes and if you think you will enjoy doing our courses then you can enrol online, by e-mail or by phone.

Our courses expand significantly on what you experience on our free introductions. You will learn more Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxations and the next steps of the Meditations. On our courses, over the weeks you will be practising, the affects of Yoga and Meditation will seep into your daily life giving energy, clarity and peace.

Come and join us!

More info on Source of Energy Meditation here!