Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

With the course ‘Pregnancy Yoga’ you prepare the body and mind for the birth. You achieve greater well-being during pregnancy, both for yourself and for the child you are expecting.

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The teaching

The courses in pregnancy yoga include physical yoga positions, breathing exercises and the deep relaxation Yoga Nidra. You will learn an effective way to deal with pain and get guidance on how to use yoga before, during and after birth.

If one day you cannot attend your yoga class, you can take a class another day. This offer is valid as long as your course runs.

Gravidyoga på Skandinavisk Yoga og Meditationsskole

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Yoga during pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth is a period full of changes. Your body awareness, sensitivity and intuition are developed so that you experience pregnancy and birth prepared and will get a good contact with the child.

If you have any discomfort due to pregnancy, the yoga teacher can recommend certain exercises, but if you do pregnancy yoga regularly, it can be effectively prevented. Therefore, it is good to start as early as possible in pregnancy, but no matter how far you are, you can enjoy and benefit of yoga.

The physical exercises make the body, and thus also the mind, letting go of tension - in a gentle and safe way. Thereby, energy is released, and the whole body is strengthened and becomes more flexible.

The breathing exercises provide calmness and concentration. You can also experience this during the birth, where the yoga breathing works deeper and bring you more energy. Some of the breathing exercises can also be pain relieving.

During the deep relaxation, you lie completely still and follow instructions which activate relaxation in the body and mind. You get to know the relaxed state which can also help you to deal with pain.

Being together with other pregnant women on the course, exchanging experiences and expectations, is also part of the mental preparation and can help you to overcome many unnecessary concerns.

Experience - Quality - Tradition

Our pregnancy yoga is based on the authentic classic yoga, and more than 35 years teaching of pregnant women. We introduced pregnancy yoga in Copenhagen in the 1970s, from where it has spread to the rest of the country.

Our courses are recommended by many midwives because of the practical utility. Mette Kierkgaard, who teaches most of our courses in Copenhagen, has been teaching pregnancy yoga for more than 25 years.

Yoga after birth (Postnatal Yoga)

Getting a child is a completely new situation that requires attention and energy. There are many changes in your body and in your circadian rhythm. The yoga will enable you to retrieve new energy and presence. The physical yoga programs are especially emphasizing on rehabilitation and strengthening of the back, shoulders, abdomen and pelvic floor. You can of course bring your child to the yoga classes.

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Yoga efter fødslen

What the midwife says about pregnancy yoga


Midwife Signe Fog-Møller about pregnancy yoga

“Being familiar with your body, its reactions and changes, its energies and signals is a great help to the pregnant, parturient and the woman on maternity leave. I have often experienced that women who have done pregnancy yoga and have learned to listen to the body more easily accept the pain of the labour. They can better utilize the body's opportunities to facilitate the birth process, and they are generally more active and open. Yoga can also be highly recommended during pregnancy, where the body undergoes a great change. The woman both strengthens and gives the body the rest that is required. My experience is also that pregnancy yoga courses do not determine the birth course and the use of techniques, and thus block what is right in the given situation, but prepare the woman through a number of techniques which she can freely apply according to individual needs during birth, and as it exactly suits her birth course.”

- Signe Fog-Møller, Herlev Hospital

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