Morning Yoga

Morning yoga at 7 - 8.30

For early birds - or those who want to be. The morning course offers the concentration exercise - tratak, physical yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation or meditation. The classes are open to beginners as well as advanced students. It is taught in easy-to-understand English. 

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The course includes:

Physical classical yoga exercises
First, we stretch with simple tension-releasing exercises that soften and stimulate the whole body. This is followed by more dynamic exercises, and finally you are guided into yoga positions in which you rest. Over time, your body and mind learn to calm down more and more in the exercises.

Breathing exercises
Already during the physical exercises you notice how body and breath can work together. With breathing exercises you get in touch with your physical and mental energy. Therefore, you can also use the breathing exercises to change your state. When breathing exercises are used regularly, they strengthen the nervous system, relax the brain and improve the balance between the brain halves. It helps to strengthen your concentration and drive, and mental tensions dissolve - it is a good tool to release stress.

Relaxation techniques
Relaxation can deepen the effect of the physical yoga exercises. We work especially with Yoga Nidra, which is a conscious deep relaxation. It is a relaxation where you lie still on your back and listen to the yoga teacher's instructions. It teaches you to contact the body's various parts, organs and senses - it gives body and mind a good rest.


The ability to concentrate is regularly practiced in yoga and meditation. During the course you will also come across the targeted concentration technique: tratak. It is an exercise where, under the yoga teacher's instructions, you concentrate on the flame of a candle. It helps you to focus in a relaxed way. It loosens tension around the eyes and trains your attention.

There will be simple exercises in meditation. The exercises are energizing and sharpen the ability to concentrate. Meditation can help you release thoughts and states and give you a relaxed relationship to influences.