Postnatal Yoga

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Postnatal yoga

 Yoga exercises - designed for postnatal yoga - support and strengthen especially the back, shoulders, abdomen, and pelvic floor, which have been strained during pregnancy and childbirth. Through yoga, the whole body strengthens in a harmonious way. With physical exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation on daily basis you get a surplus of energy, that you can pass on to your child and your surroundings. You are welcome to our postnatal yoga course with or without child.

Practical information

Courses in Postnatal Yoga

With a newborn baby that requires your attention, this course also becomes a new experience on being focused on yourself and at the same time, being with your child. It is varied when you can start a yoga class after giving birth. Some come as early as a week after birth. Others will be ready after several months. If you have had a caesarean section, you have to wait 6 weeks to be sure that the wound has healed. The class is 2 hours and 15 mins each time. After the physical exercises, we do a breathing exercise called psychic breathing. It also helps the kids to calm down, so we usually get a good, peaceful yoga nidra relaxation at the end. The children gradually get used to being part of the yoga class, and it will be easier to do yoga.

It is not possible to say in advance how long you can go on the course. It all depends on the child. At some point, the child starts crawling around, and then it’ s time to find a regular class without children.